Read for Sustainability


Welcome to the Read for Sustainability book blog!


What is this blog all about?

This blog exists to share children’s books that focus on the big ideas of sustainability –  for students, teachers, parents, and experts in the field.

Books are amazing objects that transcend their physical beings of paper and board.  They build empathy, expand knowledge and deepen understanding.  They are inspiring, thought provoking, and (most of all) fun to escape into.


Who writes the blog?

This site is written and maintained by Susanna Paterson, the librarian at the Sustainability Academy, a K-5 magnet school in Burlington, VT.   At the Sustainability Academy,  our mission is to teach all students through the lens of sustainability.  We work with partners, such as the Sustainable Schools Project through Shelburne Farms, to further this goal.

This includes using a wide variety of resources to teach literacy, science, history, and other subject matters that connect with our specific curriculum and location.  While our school works with K-5 students, the books posted here will be meant for a variety of ages and maturity levels.

Please reply to blog posts with your own suggestions and thoughts about the books, keeping in mind that this site is part of our school community, and that we believe respectful discussion is of the highest importance.


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